Sanctuary Choir

We seek to glorify our Lord though praise and worship using traditional hymns and contemporary music. New members are welcome to join us in singing for His glory.

“Singing does at least as much as preaching to impress the Word of God upon people’s minds. Ever since God first called me, the importance of praise expressed in song has grown upon me.”
D. L. Moody, 19th century

We have a unique blending of instruments and wonderfully talented musicians in our orchestra.

Our Music Department is under the direction of Chris Adams.

Kenneth W. Osbeck

“The Christian faith is a singing faith. Hence the singing of the people is the most important form of music in a Christian church. A spiritual church is a singing church.”

"Therefore I will give thanks to Thee, O Lord, among the nations, and I will sing praises to Thy name."
2 Samuel 22:50
Choir Music

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